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  • What is the setting of flowers in the attic?

  • Flowers in the Attic is the first in the Dollanganger series (being the surname of the main protagonists) and is set in 1957. When Corinne Dollanganger鈥檚 husband dies, she tells her children (Chris, Cathy, and twins Carrie and Cory) that they must move to Foxworth Hall, Virginia.

  • What is flowers in the attic on Netflix about?

  • 鈥楩lowers in the Attic鈥?is a drama thriller film that revolves around the Dollanganger family. Corrine and Christopher live peacefully with their children Cathy, Chris, Cory, and Carrie until one day, the family patriarch loses his life in an unfortunate accident.

  • Is flowers in the attic a fast read?

  • My stuff is a very fast read.鈥?Certainly, Flowers in the Attic, with its multiple intrigues and loose ends, extends its plot over into the sequels Petals on the Wind (1980), If There Be Thorns (1981), as well as into the prequel Garden of Shadows, (1987).

  • What happens to the children in flowers in the attic?

  • Starved and left alone to wither – and perhaps die – like FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Their only hope lies in escape. But a horrible truth awaits them in the main house – a truth that will push the children toward a dizzying and violent solution. FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC – living proof that even the prettiest flowers can grow deadly in the attic’s darkness.