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  • What is a flower engagement ring?

  • Instead of using a single diamond, like a solitaire setting, flower engagement rings use a large center stone surrounded by several smaller diamonds arranged in a flower-like pattern. This gives flower engagement rings a distinctive, classic appearance that sets them apart from other settings.

  • What does a flower-shaped ring look like?

  • Most flower-shaped rings feature a round diamond, but this one has a similar look with an oval-cut diamond. The ring also boasts a salt and pepper鈥揷olored diamond for a beautiful contrast. With the accent diamonds flanking either side of a round center-cut stone, this ring resembles a rosebud.

  • How much does a Fiorella engagement ring cost?

  • Give your loved one a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will never wilt! Brian Gavin鈥檚 3 stone Fiorella ring embodies the promise of an early spring with a blossoming trio of carved flowers. It gets even better; the ring is priced under $1,000 and represents great value for price conscious consumers.

  • How do you make a flower ring with a dauber?

  • Create a beautiful flower ring using a flower ribbon. Cut a single flower off of the flower ribbon. Using the dauber pick up some ink off of the ink pad. Tap the dauber to the flower to get the desired look. You can add as much or as little color as you want. Reinking the dauber when necessary.