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  • What does Hibiscus look like when it blooms?

  • Tropical hibiscus flowers come in a wide variety of colors and can be single or double blooms Hibiscus flowers are trumpet-shaped, showy blooms that often have brightly-colored ruffled petals. The funnel-like flowers can grow between 3鈥?and 10鈥?(7.5 鈥?25 cm) across.

  • What is the botanical name of Hibiscus?

  • Botanical Name: Hibiscus denudatus Native to the Mexico and United States, the shrub can be found clinging to the rocks. The triangular gray foliage is thin. The flower opens in the shades of white to deep purple and pink color. 3. Flower of an Hour This flower variety is also known as hibiscus trionum.

  • How many petals does a hibiscus have?

  • This hibiscus is a compact bushy plant with gigantic flowers. It has five petaled blooms with bright green foliage. The shorter variety of this flower is an excellent choice for garden and decorations. This flower grows well in well-drained, fertile soil with ample moisture.

  • How big do hour hibiscus plants get?

  • This flower variety is also known as hibiscus trionum. The plant can grow up to 4-5 feet in height and forms cream to yellow colored flowers. The flower of an hour can be an outstanding addition for decoration purposes as well!