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  • What does Hibiscus look like when it blooms?

  • Tropical hibiscus flowers come in a wide variety of colors and can be single or double blooms Hibiscus flowers are trumpet-shaped, showy blooms that often have brightly-colored ruffled petals. The funnel-like flowers can grow between 3鈥?and 10鈥?(7.5 鈥?25 cm) across.

  • What are the uses of hibiscus leaves?

  • Hibiscus leaves are diuretic, expectorant and stomachic. A decoction of the flowers is diuretic, ophthalmic and stomachic. It is also used in the treatment of several skin conditions. Black or green dyes can be obtained from the flowers, leaves and stems combined and orange-gold to brown dye can be obtained from the flowers.

  • Can Hibiscus be grown in pots?

  • This shrubby hibiscus is also ideal for growing in containers. Hibiscus 鈥楤erry Awesome鈥?flower: Gigantic round plate-like flowers with dark pink ruffled petals, a red center, and yellow fuzzy stamen. The cold-hardy 鈥楢irbrush Effect鈥?hibiscus is a small shrub with delightful vibrant pink flowers.

  • What is a Hibiscus arnottianus?

  • The Hibiscus arnottianus is the most common tropical hibiscus outside of Hawaii. The fragrant flowers are made from brilliant white, elongated petals in the shape of a pinwheel. Adding to its beauty, a conspicuous pinkish-red stamen protrudes from the center of the hibiscus flowers. The Hawaiian white hibiscus flowers are 4鈥?(10 cm) in diameter.