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However if you have high flow cats installed on your vehicle and are traveling through certain states like California or Texas then these will beallowed by lawbut not all 50 plus.

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  • Can I use a high-flow cat for my car?

  • The only exception to this rule regards high-flow aftermarket cats, which you may use as long as they’re EPA-certified for your vehicle.

  • Are catalytic converters legal in California?

  • The vehicle is specifically included in the application list for the catalytic converter and the converter is legal for use in California. The replacement converter is installed in the same location as the OE converter (the front face location will be within 3 compared to the OE).

  • What is a California emissions certified model?

  • A vehicle is a California Emissions Certified model if the Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) label references: California, 50-State, CARB or ARB. This is vital information if regulations in your state mandate replacement converters be CARB compliant.