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  • Can a bad mass air flow sensor cause a check engine light?

  • A bad mass air flow sensor will usually trigger a check engine light. This is because the ECU will detect an out of range value coming from the MAF sensor and the check engine light is its way of letting you know that something is wrong. 2.

  • What happens when a MAF sensor goes bad?

  • The MAF sensor is a vital part of the car engine, and therefore a lot of things can happen with your car engine when it goes bad. The most common things that happen are a check engine light, bad engine performance, rough idle, and changed fuel consumption. How do you test a MAF sensor?

  • What does a mass air flow sensor measure?

  • The Mass Air Flow Sensor or MAF sensor measures the air entering the engine to calculate the correct air-fuel mixture. Here’s how to tell if you have a bad MAF sensor The Mass Air Flow Sensor or MAF sensor is an important part for most car engines to function properly.

  • Can a bad MAF sensor cause black smoke from exhaust pipe?

  • Therefore if you realize it pours out a lot of black smoke from your exhaust pipe 鈥?there is a considerable risk that your engine is running too rich, which a bad MAF sensor can cause. You can also notice a gray-colored smoke, but much more smoke than usually if your engine is just running slighter richer than usual.