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  • Do succulents get blossoms?

  • Getting a succulent to flower is an additional bonus from this already wonderful plant. Yet, as proof that our thumb is really green, we may be concerned if there are no blooms on succulents. Learning how to make succulents bloom is somewhat different from getting blossoms on other plants.

  • Do succulents die after flowering?

  • Fortunately, most succulent plants do not die after flowering, although some do. Monocarpic plants are plants that die after they flower. The plant dies after it鈥檚 done blooming which is why it is also called the bloom of death. Some monocarpic succulents are: Sempervivums (Hens and Chicks), most Aeoniums and most Agave plants.

  • What are the best succulents to grow?

  • Native to South Africa and Mozambique, Crassula Ovata 鈥楯ade plant鈥?is probably one of the most recognizable succulent plants out there. Their popularity is no surprise due to this plant鈥檚 versatility and ease in care. Crassula Ovata 鈥楯ade plant鈥?produces star-shaped, white or pink flowers.

  • How to care for a flowering succulent?

  • A flowering succulent is meeting all of its needs just as it is. Just continue to provide the same care you鈥檝e normally been giving your plant and it will do the rest. Some people like to supply extra nutrients to the plant to ensure that it is receiving the proper nutrients it needs for growth and to sustain the blooms.