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  • Can I recycle plant pots?

  • Unfortunately, garden plastics, for example plant pots, seed trays, tools and furniture, cannot be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin. The reason is that they are often made of a different type of plastic to the plastic used for household bottles, tubs and trays. So how can you dispose of unwanted plastic plant pots?

  • Are plastic pots and trays really recyclable?

  • She said that if they are the type of pots and trays that they use, they will be cleaned and reused, if not they鈥檒l be, 鈥渢hrown into a recycling bin.鈥?Of course, without actually being able to follow that bin and see where the plastic goes, there鈥檚 no way of really knowing whether these items actually get recycled.

  • What can you do with old plastic pots?

  • Plastic pots can also be made into bug hotels, used for crafts, or used as a planting halo around plants to support them. Old garden supplies might be anything from the aforementioned gnome to extra materials like concrete blocks, bricks, stone, etc.

  • How do I get rid of plant pots?

  • Some garden centres offer plant pot take back schemes. Currently black plant pots contain pigments which make them undetectable to the sorting machinery used to sort plastics, unlike other pots, tubs and trays used for food packaging, so need to be placed in the waste bin.