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  • What kind of plant is a dumb cane plant?

  • Dumb Cane Plant. The Dumb Cane plant is a strong species that will thrive in any light conditions other than direct sunlight. Its easy to care for style and resilience to neglect make it a wonderful house plant…… Dieffenbachia amoena (scientific name) plants will grow up to six feet tall, and are known for their wide, bushy leaves.

  • Why is my dumb cane plant not flowering?

  • Plants that receive too little light or too little water will simply not grow as quickly as plants that are given proper care. This native to the West Indies will flower in the right conditions, but these flowers are unimpressive. The beauty of the dumb cane plant comes from the unique pattern found on every leaf.

  • How to propagate a dumb cane?

  • All propagation should be done in the spring or early summer. Air layering is the process of opening the stem of your dumb cane plant to encourage roots to form and then separating the new growth from the existing plant. If your plant has a central stem that鈥檚 at least a foot tall, you can air layer it to create a new plant.

  • How long do dumb cane plants live for?

  • How Long do Dumb Cane Plants Live For? If these plants are not neglected and their growing conditions are optimal, they can live for many years. However, some varieties are extremely sensitive, and an inexperienced gardener may inadvertently shorten the plant鈥檚 lifespan.