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  • How does a golden pothos grow?

  • In their native environments, Golden Pothos begin as below-canopy plants with smaller leaves, and as they climb their way up trees and gain access to more indirect light, the plant starts developing larger leaves to capture more of the sun鈥檚 nutrients.

  • Is golden pothos messy?

  • One such non-messy houseplant is golden pothos, that is known by many other names, like devil鈥檚 ivy, centipede tongavine, Solomon Islands鈥?Ivy, money plant, etc. Golden pothos is a variety of pothos plant ( Epipremnum aureum ).

  • Do Pothos plants flower?

  • Pothos Plants Can Indeed Flower Pothos plants can indeed flower, but they aren鈥檛 generally going to flower when you鈥檙e caring for them indoors. Most people who keep pothos plants won鈥檛 ever see them flower because they need to grow incredibly large to do so.

  • What is the Golden Pothos (money plant) for?

  • What The Golden Pothos (Money Plant) Is Primarily Used For In Feng Shui The golden pothos (榛勯噾钁? is an unmistakable green plant with it鈥檚 unique features of climbing vines and wide plump leaves. It鈥檚 scientific name is epipremnum aureum.