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  • Do hydrangeas bloom all year long?

  • With the proper care, Hydrangeas will continue to bloom each year for a long time to come. As you plant new Hydrangeas and care for your existing Hydrangeas, you can expect to enjoy them for many, many summers.

  • How can I Make my hydrangeas bloom all summer?

  • Another way to make sure that hydrangeas produce flowers throughout the hot summer months is to cut them back once the blooming season is over. This applies specifically to those varieties that produce flowers only on new wood.

  • Do hydrangeas like sun or shade?

  • Choosing one or more cultivars with varying characteristics is an ideal way to assure you’ll see blooms all summer long. Though hydrangeas like the sun and heat of warmer months, they need the kind of loving care that will keep them from wilting just when you most want them to blossom.

  • Why don’t my hydrangeas bloom at the same time as my Neighbors?

  • When the hydrangea you planted in your landscape does not bloom at the same time as your neighbor鈥檚 hydrangea, it’s not necessarily a reason to worry鈥攖here are many different types of hydrangeas, and they don鈥檛 all bloom at the same time. To determine the bloom habit of your hydrangea, first determine the type of hydrangea you have.