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  • Do Endless Summer hydrangeas bloom all summer?

  • The Original Endless Summer hydrangea was the first non-stop blooming hydrangea. Plus, it鈥檚 easy to care for. You鈥檒l be wowed by its color-changing blooms all season. Blooms: Late-spring-early fall. Blooms can be blue, purple or pink based on soil pH.

  • How many times a year do hydrangeas bloom?

  • The plants bloom once annually, but there are reblooming hydrangea varieties. Learn more here. Once they have performed their flower show, hydrangeas stop blooming.

  • Are hydrangeas cold hardy?

  • This hydrangea variety is cold-hardy and blooms on old and new growth Botanical Name Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’ Soil pH 4.5-7.5 Bloom Time Spring, summer Flower Color Pink, purple. blue, red, white Hardiness Zones 4-9, USA 7 more rows …

  • How can I Make my hydrangeas bloom all summer?

  • Another way to make sure that hydrangeas produce flowers throughout the hot summer months is to cut them back once the blooming season is over. This applies specifically to those varieties that produce flowers only on new wood.