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During unseasonably cool summers, mums can form early buds. As long as this early blooming is not prevented, themums will not flower again. Pinch the buds off and then fertilize and water regularly until they grow again.

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  • Can mums bloom twice in a season?

  • While it’s uncommon to see mums blooming in summer, it’s possible. Mums typically grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 9, but this depends on the variety. It’s possible for chrysanthemums to bloom twice a season. But it’s uncommon, because it usually takes some serious human intervention to force blooms twice.

  • What time of year do you plant mums?

  • Mums are best planted in the spring for maximum bloom output in the summer and fall. Flowers come in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, red, lavender, and vivid orange. To eliminate summertime legginess, pinch the plant鈥檚 young branches gently in May and June.

  • How to choose the right mums for your garden?

  • Instead, choose a plant that has a lot of buds and lush green foliage that does not look at all wilted. Mums that are already covered in open flowers may be at or past their peak blooming time and will not last much longer, while plants that are just at the budding stage will give you a much longer display. It鈥檚 worth the wait!

  • Do mums come back every year?

  • Mums are perennials that can flower again in following years if they have sufficient energy reserves. Commercial growers can create artificial conditions that encourage prolific flowering but exhaust plants’ reserves. Mature plants that are already blooming when bought can fail to grow again after winter, or grow poorly and produce few flowers.