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  • How long do mums bloom for?

  • Note that there are actually three different types of mums: those that bloom early in about late July, early fall bloomers that flower in September and late fall bloomers that peak in October. Whichever variety you have, most mums will bloom continuously for about four to eight weeks.

  • Can You prune mums to make them bloom twice?

  • If successful, mums will set bud and flower, and then you’ll find them for sale at nurseries or other outlets. If you purchase these, it’s possible to get them to flower twice by pruning them back. This should be a more severe pruning than a mere pinching, which just removes the top couple inches of a stem.

  • Why are my mums not flowering this year?

  • As a result, the mums do not produce as many flowers as in past years. Dig into your mum garden during spring when the plants grow actively. Carefully pull the root clumps apart, and plant them separately so you’ll have more mums decorating the garden and with healthier blossoming in autumn.

  • What are the characteristics of mums?

  • Characteristics. They require short days and long nights to bloom. The buds begin to form on the plant in mid- to late July. Different cultivars come into bloom at different times. Some mums are early bloomers, while others are mid-season bloomers or late-blooming varieties. Early-blooming mums usually flower during the month of September.