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  • What is spearmint plant?

  • Spearmint plant, also known as Mentha spicata is indigenous to Europe and South Asian temperate lands. It is known in many names including mackerel mint, common mint, lamb mint, and garden mint. In modern times, spearmint plants have naturalized themselves in most temperate regions on the earth.

  • How hard is it to grow spearmint?

  • From being used in cocktails, teas, mint jelly, and non-traditional medicines, to candles and oils, the plant鈥檚 use has spread as much as it does in the garden. Growing spearmint is not hard. In fact, sooner or later, if you plant your spearmint in the wrong place you will ask yourself how do I stop the mint from growing?

  • What makes spearmint different from other mints?

  • The chemical that affects flavor and aroma in most mint plants is menthol, but spearmint actually has a minimal amount of this compound compared to other species and varieties. What sets spearmint apart is a chemical called carvone.

  • How do you keep spearmint plants from invading other plants?

  • This will help keep the runners of growing spearmint plants from invading other spots of your garden. As with most types of mint, the care of spearmint is easy. Mint in the garden should be mulched annually to keep the roots cool and moist.