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  • What kind of tree is a bay tree?

  • (Show more) bay tree, any of several trees with aromatic leaves, especially the sweet bay, or bay laurel ( Laurus nobilis; family Lauraceae), source of the bay leaf used in cooking. Native to the Mediterranean region, sweet bay is an attractive evergreen tree that can reach as many as 18 metres (60 feet) in height.

  • Are bay trees easy to look after?

  • Bay trees are low maintenance and with just a little bit of pruning in the summer it鈥檚 easy to keep in good shape. Read through our bay tree care guide and learn everything you need to know on how to look after a bay tree .

  • What is a bay laurel tree?

  • Best known as a seasoning, bay laurel is an evergreen shrub or tree that is native to the Mediterranean area. Although bay can grow into a tall tree, it is often kept smaller by pruning or by confining it in a container.

  • When do bay trees flower?

  • In our experience flowers are produced in April / May time but only on mature specimens. Younger bay trees do not produce flowers. The flowers are very small, about the size of a five pence piece. We don’t remove them because they are unlikely to affect the growth of a mature bay tree.