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  • Is bay tree a perennial or annual?

  • In warmer zones, the plant is considered a perennial. Drying bay leaves Bay leaves can be used whole or ground in cooking. Harvest leaves from plants at least 2 years old. To dry the leaves, place them on parchment paper on a large tray in a single layer.

  • Do bay trees have male and female flowers?

  • Flowers and leaves of bay leaf plants Bay trees are dioecious, which means that both male and female plants are needed to produce seeds that are viable. The seeds form on the female plants and are contained inside the berries that form in the fall. Each female flower has a single seed. Female plants have flowers with only a pistil.

  • How to grow a bay leaf plant?

  • Growing bay leaf plants 1 Size of bay leaf plants. Bay Laurel can be grown indoors in pots, and outdoors as shrubs and also as trees. … 2 Sunlight and moisture conditions for bay laurel. The plant grows best in full sun to partial shade. … 3 Flowers and leaves of bay leaf plants. …

  • Where can I buy a bay tree?

  • The bay tree ( Laurus Nobilis) has been treasured by people for millennia for its culinary uses, its beauty, and its representation of wisdom and victory. Purchase a bay tree seedling or take cuttings. Many nurseries and garden centers will have a bay tree in their herbal area.