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  • Can you buy seeds at Dollar Tree?

  • Tomato cages, seedling starters, seeds, and more. Here are just a few gardening supplies at Dollar Tree, but many of these things are also available to buy (mostly in bulk) on their website. They allow free pick up at their stores if you order online. The most impressive find are the seed packets they sell 4 for $1.

  • Is everything from the Dollar Tree a good deal?

  • Not everything from the Dollar Tree is a good deal. There are some things you should never buy from the Dollar Tree because you can get them at a better price somewhere else. Other items may not the best quality, even for the small price tag.

  • Can you buy gardening tools at Dollar Tree?

  • You鈥檝e probably seen your local hardware stores full of tools and supplies to get your garden growing. However, at Dollar Tree, you can find trowels, planters, and even soil to get things blooming for less! Note that these products may be seasonal items at your local Dollar Tree, depending on your area鈥檚 growing season.

  • How many cans of food does Dollar Tree sell for $1?

  • They come out to about 2 cans for $1 at grocery stores and sometimes you find them even cheaper. The canned food at the Dollar Tree will always be overpriced compared to the regular grocery store. If you鈥檙e like me, you鈥檙e a deal seeker.