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  • What are the benefits of Electrical muscle stimulation?

  • With more vessels your body can deliver more oxygenated blood so that your muscles last longer and perform better. By creating non-fatiguing muscle contractions the Electrical Muscle Stimulation will dilate blood vessels leading the way to increased blood flow. The increased muscle activity also helps remove waste away from the area.

  • How does electrical stimulation affect blood flow velocity and vessel size?

  • This study compared the changes in blood flow velocity and vessel size using three levels of electrical stimulation. The main element of electrical stimulation is the regulation of frequency, amplitude, and pulse duration, which shows a high therapeutic efficacy [19].

  • What are the physiological changes caused by electrical stimulation?

  • Physiological changes caused by electrical stimulation include an increase in blood flow and an effect on the peripheral circulation [7]. The appropriate dose and duration of electrical stimulation can achieve various physiological responses [10].

  • Can electrical stimulation of the calf muscle improve venous blood flow?

  • This study, which is available below, evaluated the pump function of the calf muscle using electrical muscle stimulation. In concludes that periodic single electrical stimulation-induced calf muscle contractions produced significant muscle pump function and could be used to improve venous blood flow and reduce stasis in the lower leg.