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  • What are the physiological changes caused by electrical stimulation?

  • Physiological changes caused by electrical stimulation include an increase in blood flow and an effect on the peripheral circulation [7]. The appropriate dose and duration of electrical stimulation can achieve various physiological responses [10].

  • How does electrical stimulation affect blood flow velocity and vessel size?

  • This study compared the changes in blood flow velocity and vessel size using three levels of electrical stimulation. The main element of electrical stimulation is the regulation of frequency, amplitude, and pulse duration, which shows a high therapeutic efficacy [19].

  • Does Interferential current electrical stimulation alter the autonomic nervous system?

  • Interferential current electrical stimulation alters blood flow velocity and vessel size. We aimed to investigate the changes in the autonomic nervous system depending on electrical stimulation parameters. Forty-five healthy adult male and female subjects were studied.

  • Is electrical stimulation effective for wound care?

  • Introduction Electrical stimulation is the treatment of choice for complex and recalcitrant wounds, and has been proposed to diminish infection, expand cellular immunity, speed wound repair, increase skin perfusion, and improve venous flow.