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  • How long do seeds and flowers last?

  • Most perennial flowers are good for about 5 years, and most annual flower seeds will last up to 3 years. Pro tip: Save time by writing the expected expiration date on your seed packets.

  • Do seeds still germinate after expiration date?

  • If you are only a year or two beyond this date, there’s a good chance most of the seeds will still germinate when planted. But if the seed pack is six years old or more, expect to have a much lower percentage of germination.

  • Do sunflower seeds expire or go bad?

  • Commercially-prepared sunflower seeds usually come with a 鈥渂est-by鈥?or 鈥渂est-before鈥?date. Like with most packaged foods, this date is a rough estimate to indicate that the quality will stay at its best when properly stored. Beyond the date, sunflower seeds may stay edible. Always check any spoilage signs before consuming them.

  • Do seeds go bad?

  • Although seeds do not technically 鈥済o bad,鈥?expiration dates are used on seed packaging as a measure of the likelihood that the seeds will be viable. Depending upon the type of seeds, environmental conditions, and the manner in which the seeds have been stored, the germination rate of older seed packets may be greatly impacted.