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One flower per stalk

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  • How many stems does a tulip have?

  • Tulips are one of the favorite spring bulb varieties and they come in a glaring assortment of colors, sizes and petal forms. Many bulbs just produce 1 to 3 stems, but multi-flowering tulips can produce four or more flowering stalks. What are multi-headed tulips?

  • Do tulips have seeds or bulbs?

  • Cup-shaped tulip flowers supply bright, spring color for a garden bed. Tulips grow from bulbs instead of fibrous root systems, which means they don’t need seeds to propagate themselves. The bulbs form underground between the roots and the stems.

  • How often do tulip bulbs Bloom?

  • Tulip bulbs only produce a single flower per bulb per season. The flowering period varies from early to late spring and only lasts a few weeks before they are gone. Unlike many other annuals and perennials, deadheading and removal of foliage does not encourage the production of another flower.

  • How does a tulip get its energy?

  • Nutrients collected by the roots and energy from sunlight collected by the foliage fuel a bulb so it can produce leaf scales and flower buds inside. Some of the energy also is expended to produce new bulbs. Tulip plants grow for only a short period in spring and collect most of their nutrients and energy at that time.