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  • What is oregano flowering?

  • Oregano is an aromatic plant cultivated worldwide for its special taste that gives a distinctive flavor to many recipes. While most of us grow these herbs for their leaves, when they reach maturity, oregano plants develop flowers to produce seeds and to ensure the propagation of the plant.

  • Are oregano leaves edible?

  • The flowers are edible parts of the oregano plant. These are known to be not as fragrant as the leaves of this plant, but this makes them more suitable for other appliances. The leaves of the oregano plants have a stronger aroma before the plants start blooming.

  • What do you do with oregano after it grows?

  • If you allow the oregano plants to reach maturity, they will make lots of flowers. Bees, butterflies, some species of flies, and all kinds of pollinating insects seem to adore the pollen from the flowers of oregano. Therefore, if you can鈥檛 find another use for these parts of the oregano plants, just leave them in their care.

  • Is oregano a good indoor plant?

  • Oregano is a satisfying herb for any gardener. It is easy to grow and care for, as long as it does not remain wet for too long. Oregano grows very well in partial sun, making it a good choice for an indoor garden as well. Cut aerial parts to encourage a bushy habit.