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  • How does energy flow in a circuit?

  • There are two perspectives I have come across for how energy flows in a circuit: 1 Electrons carry charge. As the charges move, they create an electromagnetic field that carries the energy around the… 2 Electrons bump into nearby electrons, transferring energy to their neighbours through collisions. These… More …

  • What causes electrons to flow through a circuit?

  • The force of the excess electrons pushing circuit electrons away from the negative terminal, and the force of atoms with electrons removed (called holes) pulling on the circuit electrons causes loose electrons in the conductor to shuffle (flow) through the circuit.

  • How do electrons travel through a wire?

  • This is how electrons can travel through a wire even if you bend it 90 degrees like a square. In fact, electrons on the surface of the wire are what force other electrons inside the metal to flow.

  • How does a wave travel through a circuit?

  • Each person in the chain moves and contributes to the wave passing through, but nobody actually has to leave their place. Similarly, the electrons are moving and passing on energy to their neighbours which causes a current to flow.