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10 Ways to Keep Cats Out of Flower BedsBitter Apple. Bitter Apple products act as a taste deterrent rather than a complete repelling agent around plants.Rose Branches. Old rose branches don鈥檛 compost well,but they will make your cat think twice about making a shortcut through your prized dahlia stand.Floral Wire. A group of bamboo sticks planted here and there will deter cats from settling down to nap on your petunias,but green floral wire is less visible,saving …Hot Pepper Spray. When Felix decides that your azaleas make an excellent digestive aid,it鈥檚 time to break out the big guns.Stinky Plants. Just as there are flowers that attract cats,there are others that drive them away. Flowers with aromatic foliage,like Russian sage and lavender,don鈥檛 appeal to cats.

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  • How do I keep cats out of my Garden?

  • Add a few drops of rue, lavender, lemongrass, pennyroyal, geranium, or citrus oils to a spray bottle of water and shake to mix well. Spray the oils onto the plants and garden soil daily to discourage cats.

  • How to keep cats from pooping in flower beds?

  • How to keep cats from pooping in flower beds or digging in plants is to add material that is uncomfortable for them to scratch around in. One effective way to keep cats away from plants is to use a prickly mulch material like pine cones, rough stones and rocks, or a thorny ground cover.

  • How do you get rid of catmint in your garden?

  • Cut heavy gauge floral wire into 10-inch pieces, and insert at regular intervals in seedbeds, window box perches, and anywhere cats like to laze and dwell. This method is slightly less effective on plants cats relish, like nepeta (catmint).

  • Do cats help or hurt a flower garden?

  • Besides their companionship and charm, cats are helpful to the flower garden in that they keep pests like rabbits, voles, and moles away. However, cats can also cause destruction to gardens by digging (and leaving unauthorized deposits), using plants as a soft napping spot, and chewing.