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To do this we work out the area of the nozzleand then multiply it by the velocity of the water coming from the nozzleto give us volume per unit of time. So nozzleflowrateis just area of the outlet multiplied by velocity of the water.

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  • What are the inputs to the nozzle flow calculator?

  • Inputs to this calculator are the nozzle type, current operating pressure and flow, desired flow or desired pressure. Nozzle flow rate varies with spraying pressure. In general, the relationship between flow rate and pressure is as follows:

  • What is the flow rate of a spray nozzle?

  • This calculator is meant to assist you with estimating the flow rate of a spray nozzle at pressures that aren’t listed in a catalog or if you do not have a catalog readily available. Many nozzle companies use a part number that describes the spray angle and flow rate at 40 PSI.

  • How to measure the static pressure of a nozzle?

  • You can measure the change of the static pressure by measuring the pressure in the inlet and after the nozzle. That measured value is the input value for the calculation of the flow rate.

  • What is a nozzle and venturi nozzle calculator?

  • flow rate measurement calculator online since 2011 Description You can use a nozzle and Venturi nozzle calculator for subsonic single-phase liquids or perfect gases. The calculator is not for pulsating flow, or non-steady flow when the flow rate is changing in time.