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To get orchids to bloom or rebloom, there are several things you can do.Identify the proper lighting, watering schedule, potting specifics, and temperature preferences for your particular orchid species. Most orchids need a temperature drop at night to trigger production of a flower spike.

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  • How do you get an orchid to bloom?

  • Light for Getting Orchids to Bloom. When you move your orchid to brighter location, you may notice that the leaves become a lighter green. This is normal. Orchids that are getting enough light will have light or medium green leaves. While all orchids need light, most cannot tolerate direct sunlight.

  • How do I bring my orchid back to life?

  • Once the orchid starts to go dormant, begin using a balanced fertilizer on it each month. Make sure the temperature of the orchid is between 55 and 65 degrees. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight until the flower spike shows. Once the spike is around 5 tall, brace it with a tie-up. Thanks!

  • How do I get my cymbidium orchids to flower again?

  • For Cymbidium orchids to flower again, the plants need to be moved, if necessary, to a position that is between 40F and 65F (10C 鈥?18C), but where they鈥檒l still receive indirect light. The atmosphere should be at least 40%. In the late fall, the water the Cymbidiums receive should be reduced from once a week to once every 10 days.

  • How often do orchids bloom?

  • The blooming season usually ends around mid-February. The Phalaenopsis orchid usually blooms once every year. The blooms can last for several months. When the flowers fall off, a few more flowers might bloom from the same spike, but not always.