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Indirect to full sunlight

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  • Can you grow passion flower from cuttings?

  • Yes, you can grow passion flower from cuttings. To do so, use sharp pruners to take stem cuttings of around 15cm from the plant, early in the growing season. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the cutting, and dip the end in a rooting hormone.

  • Can you grow passion flowers in a greenhouse?

  • Some passion flowers are suitable only for growing in a conservatory or greenhouse. Grow passion flowers in full sun to partial shade, in in well-drained soil in a warm, sheltered spot. Cut back after flowering to keep plants neat, or cut away damaged growth in spring. Most varieties need winter protection. More on growing passion flowers:

  • Where do you plant passion flowers?

  • Where to plant passion flowers. Plant passion flowers in a position of full sun. The foot of a sheltered, sunny wall in a well-drained soil will provide the best results. Passion flowers enjoy a moist but well-drained soil. Passion flowers can also be grown in containers. Here, they prefer a more gritty compost that offers free drainage.

  • How do you grow passion fruit?

  • The well-known passion fruit is produced by the tropical edible species Passiflora edulis. Passion flower blooms over a long period from early summer until the autumn Grow hardy passion flowers outdoors in a sunny, sheltered position in the garden Water freely during the summer, but reduce watering in the winter