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Here are the steps of blood flow through the heart and lungs:The blood first enters the right atrium.The blood then flows through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle.When the heart beats,the ventricle pushes blood through the pulmonic valve into the pulmonary artery.The pulmonary artery carries blood to the lungs where it 鈥減icks up鈥?oxygen.More items…

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  • How does blood flow through the heart?

  • A series of valves act like doorways to control blood flow in and out of these chambers. The cardiac conduction system sends out electric impulses to make the heart muscle contract and relax. Those pulses set the rate and rhythm of your heartbeat. 1 Here are the steps of blood flow through the heart and lungs:

  • What is blood flow and why is it important?

  • Healthy blood flow is critical to overall health. Physical activity is one of the best ways to make sure your heart and lungs can function well over time. If you have health issues, partner with your healthcare provider on the best way to keep your heart rate and rhythm鈥攁nd your blood flow鈥攈ealthy.

  • How does the circulatory system work?

  • It’s a cycle that moves blood through the heart and to the lungs to get oxygen. It’s then delivered throughout the body and brought back to the heart to re-start the process.

  • What happens to blood when it leaves the heart?

  • Blood leaves the heart and goes to the tissues of the body to provide oxygen and perform other tasks that sustain life. Blood then returns to the heart. First, blood flows into the right atrium, passes through the tricuspid valve, and makes its way into the right ventricle.