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4 km

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  • How fast does a lava flow travel?

  • Molten rock is much thicker than a liquid like water. Even lava flows with the least viscosity (the least thick), will only flow at a maximum speed of a few kilometers per hour. You can easily out run a lava flow, and that鈥檚 why people are rarely killed by them.

  • Why does tube-fed lava travel farther than open lava?

  • Consequently, tube-fed lava may remain at elevated temperature at a constant effusion rate for a longer time than in open flow, and thus can travel greater distances. Lava tubes are known to develop only in fluid flows of basaltic composition. They are common in p膩hoehoe flows, but can also form in a’膩 flows.

  • How long is Mauna Loa’s lava flow?

  • It is about 51 kilometers long from the vent to the ocean (we don’t know how much longer it went out under water, but probably not too much farther). There is a lava flow at Undara in Queensland, Australia is 100 miles (160 km) long. Left: Channel feeding aa lava flow, 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa.

  • How do most long flows self-insulate by forming lava tubes?

  • Most long flows self-insulate by forming lava tubes that allow the lava to remain hot and flow further. b. 360 Video: 25鈥擳hurston Lava Tube entrance (8/18/16) Thurston Lava Tube is just one of many lava tubes that have transported lava away from volcanic vents. Lava tubes are distinct from dissolution caves, which form from the removal of material.