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90-minute train ride

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  • How to get to Ashikaga Flower Park station?

  • There are several ways to get to Ashikaga Flower Park Station, but you must first arrive at Oyama Station to take the JR Ryomo line. The fastest way is taking the Shinkansen (41 minutes from Tokyo Station ).

  • Is Ashikaga Park a Wisteria Park?

  • Indeed, Ashikaga Park isn’t only a wisteria park: around the methodically arranged trees, thousands of other flowers bloom, enveloping the wisteria in an incredible multicolored setting. Between azaleas, petunias, carnations and other flowers, it’s hard to imagine a better variety of flowers in one place.

  • Where to see Fuji flowers in Japan?

  • Because Ashikaga Flower Park is considered one of the best spots to view fuji flowers in Japan, the park can be very crowded even on weekdays during the peak season. In recent years, the park has also become very popular in the winter season for putting on a massive winter illumination display.

  • How many flower seasons does Ashikaga park have?

  • In the gardens of Ashikaga, there aren’t four, but eight floral seasons! The park offers a festival of spring flowers with tulips in March-April, then the tale of the wisteria in May, the rainbow garden with the blooming roses and clematis in the following months… and so on until the winter.