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Variability of sea surface elevation

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  • What is geostrophic flow?

  • A balance develops between the Coriolis force and the force arising from the horizontal water pressure gradient such that surface currents flow parallel to the contours of elevation of sea level. This current is known as geostrophic flow.

  • What causes geostrophic motion?

  • Geostrophic motion, fluid flow in a direction parallel to lines of equal pressure (isobars) in a rotating system, such as the Earth. Such flow is produced by the balance of the Coriolis force (q.v.; caused by the Earth鈥檚 rotation) and the pressure-gradient force.

  • What is geostrophic flow in subtropical gyre?

  • The horizontal movement of surface water arising from a balance between the pressure gradient force and the Coriolis force is known as geostrophic flow. As noted earlier, viewed from above, geostrophic flow in a subtropical gyre is clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • What causes geostrophic winds?

  • Geostrophic winds are caused by the combination of two major forces in weather patterns. Learn the significance of pressure gradient force, the Coriolis effect, and how these cause geostrophic winds. Updated: 11/11/2021 There are a number of forces that can either change the force or direction of wind.