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Thousands of degrees Fahrenheit

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  • How hot is the lava in a volcano?

  • Now we’re talking a lot more heat. Lava, the melted rock that shoots out of volcanoes, can flow at temperatures of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Lava that’s on the cooler side comes out of volcanoes at only pizza oven-like temperatures of 570 F, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

  • What is the temperature of lava when it is first ejected?

  • The temperature of lava when it is first ejected from a volcanic vent can vary between 700 and 1,200 degrees C (1,300 to 2,200 F). As you probably know, lava is molten rock that comes out of a volcano during an eruption. Although the Earth鈥檚 mantle is solid, it鈥檚 so hot that puddles of molten rock can form between…

  • Why is lava so hot?

  • Why is lava so hot? Pressure and radiogenic heating make it very hot deep in the Earth (about 100 km down) where rocks melt to make magma. The rock around the magma is a good insulator so the magma doesn’t lose much heat on the way to the surface.

  • What determines how fast lava cools?

  • When the entire flow cools below about 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 degrees Fahrenheit), it has solidified, but the interior is still very hot. Arguably the most influential factor determining how fast lava cools is the thickness of the flow. Other factors include heat loss from both the top (to the atmosphere) and bottom of a flow (into the ground).