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  • How long does it take to make egg drop soup?

  • Creating a delicious broth and perfect, silken strands of egg are intimidating, but with a bit of practice and effort, you too can enjoy your very own version of egg drop soup. Preparation is minimal and cooking time won’t total more than ten minutes, so this recipe is sure to become one of your most-trusted favorites.

  • Is egg drop soup good for You?

  • Egg drop soup is quite healthy. Egg drop soup calories and carbohydrates are low, which makes the dish good for people watching their weight. While the chicken broth and eggs are nutritious, this soup has the drawback of being high in sodium. However, you can reduce the saltiness by making the dish at home.

  • What is egg flower soup?

  • It doesn鈥檛 take a genius to figure that out. But actually, the direct translation in Chinese is egg flower soup, because the egg creates large and small swirls in the soup in a flower-like pattern (scroll down to the recipe video below to see that in action).

  • What does egg drop soup taste like?

  • Versatility is the beauty of egg drop soup. Tastes vary across regions, with southerners preferring to thicken the broth with cornstarch, and northerners favoring a watery base. Tomatoes, corn, and green peas 鈥?all those may get tossed in as well.