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  • What is the function of ovules in a flower?

  • The 鈥?ovules 鈥?contain the female reproductive gametes and nutrients for embryo development. Once the pollen tubes reach the ovules, fertilization occurs. The fertilized ovules develop to form seeds. Inside the seeds are plant embryos that will later grow into a new plant when the conditions are right.

  • What is the ovary of a flower composed of?

  • The ovary of a flower is composed of a number of structures to ensure ovule development and the production of seed-bearing fruit. The outer layer of the ovary is called the ovary wall which eventually develops into the pericarp in fruits (outer, protective covering). The locule is the compartment that houses the ovule.

  • How many ovules are in a peach flower?

  • For example, 鈥?perigynous 鈥?flowers only have one ovule in their ovary, which forms fruit like peaches (鈥?Prunus 鈥?spp.) or avocados (鈥?Persea americana 鈥?. In other fruit, like tomatoes (鈥?Solanum lycopersicum 鈥?, the ovary contains multiple ovules.

  • How are ovules different in different types of plants?

  • Another way that plants differ with regards to their ovules is the place where the ovules are found. Specifically, in gymnosperms, such as conifers, the ovules are found on the scales of female cones, while in angiosperms, which are flowering plants, the ovules are found inside of the ovary within the carpel.