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Fresh Ti Leaf Double Strand Lei $34.32 Kika Cigar Flower Orange Lei$52.80Fresh Pikki Lei $85.00

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  • How much do fresh lei flowers cost?

  • Kika Cigar Flower Orange Lei $52.80 Fresh Pikki Lei $85.00 Fresh White Ginger Lei $60.00 Fresh Dendrobium Orchid and Tuberose Lei $45.00

  • Where can I buy fresh Hawaiian leis?

  • Fresh Hawaiian leis embody the spirit of Hawaii and its traditions which can be found at Aloha Hawaiian Flowers and Gifts. Give the gift of the Tropics to a loved one, family or friend – a fresh Hawaiian lei!

  • What are the different types of flower leis?

  • There are many kinds of flower leis you can choose from: Orchid Leis, Dyed Orchid Leis, Pikake Leis, Maile Leis, Ti Leaf Leis, Tuberose Leis, Haku Leis. Since there are so many emotions one can share, we offer many different styles showcasing a variety of flower leis to fit the occasion.

  • Where do our wholesale leis come from?

  • Additionally, our wholesale tropical leis are available in single, mixed, or dyed colors. They come directly from the orchid farm and are shipped to you overnight for maximum freshness. Hawaiian Leis are known to be much more than just a bunch of flowers.