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$40,000 per year

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  • How much do flower shops make a year?

  • Though the average flower shop generates about $325,000 per year in revenue, that number can vary greatly. A small shop on the outskirts of a small town would tend to generate less foot traffic and carry less inventory while a larger shop in a busy downtown district would generate far more money.

  • How profitable is a florist business?

  • Published numbers show after all of the other expenses, the total profit margin down to just over 4% of sales. While that sounds like a low number, this doesn鈥檛 take into account the other business owner benefits that would increase the real profitability of a florist shop up more.

  • How much do flower shops mark up flowers?

  • On average, a retail flower business will mark-up cut flowers by 300%, so if the flowers used to make a bouquet of flowers cost the retailer $10, they will typically sell it for around $30. On items like vases, cards, etc they usually double those items.

  • What kind of jobs can you do with a flower shop?

  • 鈥?Floral professionals can be event designers, wholesalers, farmers, or freelancers (just to name a few), so finding a median salary amongst all of those jobs is nearly impossible! 鈥?How much do flower shop owners make?