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  • How much does a mass air flow sensor cost?

  • The average price for a new mass air flow sensor cost is around $100. When purchasing a mass air flow sensor, you have the option of an original manufacturer part or an aftermarket part. Don鈥檛 just assume aftermarket parts are low quality.

  • How much does it cost to replace an air filter sensor?

  • Sometimes the debris can fall in during the air filter replacement. In this case, the repair is easy. The mass air flow sensor must be cleaned and the air filter must be reinstalled correctly or replaced. If the air flow sensor is bad, it needs to be replaced. It’s a fairly simple job. The part costs from $89 to $380.

  • How does an air flow sensor work in a car?

  • To measure the amount of air that flows into the engine, automotive engineers have installed mass air flow sensors. These sensors calculate the air coming in and send the information to the car鈥檚 onboard computer, called the ECU, to analyze.

  • What is the MAF sensor on a car?

  • The Mass Air Flow Sensor or MAF sensor measures the air entering the engine to calculate the correct air-fuel mixture. Here’s how to tell if you have a bad MAF sensor