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  • What is flow crypto (Flo)?

  • What Is Flow Crypto? Flow is an open-source, decentralized, fast and efficient cryptocurrency that was initially designed as a developer-friendly foundation for a new generation of crypto and digital assets such as games, dApps and tokens.

  • Where to buy flow coin (flow)?

  • If you think about where to buy FLOW coin, then this crypto is available on most cryptocurrency exchanges, including StealthEX. This platform allows you to exchange other coins for FLOW crypto with no need to provide a lot of information.

  • Is capital flowing to crypto?

  • Learn More Capital flows to any sector are vital, and crypto is no different. When major financial institutions start taking crypto seriously, investors take note.

  • What is flow (flow) blockchain?

  • Flow is a blockchain built for things like NFT collectibles and crypto games. The proof-of-stake blockchain hails from NBA Top Shot developer Dapper Labs. Dapper鈥檚 CryptoKitties clogged up Ethereum in 2017, prompting the development of Flow as an alternative.