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  • How often should I put mulch around my trees?

  • Make a 鈥渄oughnut鈥?of mulch around your trees, shrubs and other plants; do not pile the mulch up to make a 鈥渧olcano.鈥?If you follow these rules, and only add the recommended 2 or 3 inches of shredded hardwood bark to your landscape beds, adding a fresh layer of mulch every year is a good idea.

  • Should you mulch your flower beds?

  • Using flower bed mulch is one way to do this. Mulch keeps weeds at bay and protects your plants鈥?roots. It also shields the soil, keeping it moist and preventing it from washing away. A fresh layer of mulch can also unify and enhance the beauty of your flower beds.

  • What is the best time of year to put down mulch?

  • When to Apply Mulch The best time of year to apply mulch is in early to mid-spring, and again in the fall. Mulching the garden in spring gives everything a fresh look and helps prepare the soil for the growing season ahead. Getting ahead of the emerging spring weeds is ideal, thwarting their efforts to pop up as the soil warms.

  • How much mulch should you put on a garden path?

  • First, unless you’re mulching a path where no plants are growing, never add more than 2 or 3 inches of mulching materials at any one time. Thick layers of mulch can reduce air circulation to the roots of all plants, even large trees. It also can smother young plants. When you mulch, be sure the mulch itself never touches the base of any plant.