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  • How do you use a Flow Hive?

  • John Moser 11 Aug 2015 The flow hive allows you to remove honey without opening the hive, pulling top bars or langstroth frames, rolling (injuring) bees in the process, sweeping them off, extracting the honey, then putting the bar or frame back with the risk of crushing bees.

  • How many frames can I put in a flow hive box?

  • This allows beekeepers to start using Flow Hive with a smaller investment, simply by placing a few frames in their existing box (note: Flow Frames are wider than traditional frames, so a 10 frame Langstroth box only takes 7 Flow Frames).

  • How much does a Flow Hive cost?

  • A Flow Hive Classic Cedar hive (including Flow Frames) is $699. By comparison, a 10 frame cedar Langstroth kit would retail for around $300. An entry-level pine Langstroth kits would generally be around $125 or so..

  • What makes a flow beehive unique?

  • Crafted from sustainably harvested Australian Araucaria wood, featuring ventilation control, inbuilt multipurpose tray, an extra observation window, brass hardware and an optional adjustable hive stand to enable the perfect set-up in any location. Our signature beehive which made Flow a household name.