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How to Make a Flower PressMarking out your wood. Decide on the size of flower press you would like. Mine measures 25cm (10鈥? on each side. …Cutting out your squares. Cut out your squares using your saw. …Drill the holes. Clamp your two squares of wood together somehow. I used a bench vice but you could use any clamp you have.Preparing the cardboard and paper layers. Cut layers of cardboard the right size to fit into your flower press. …Building your flower press. You are now ready to build your flower press and start pressing those flowers and leaves. …

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  • How to use a flower press?

  • Unscrew the nuts to make room on your flower press. You don鈥檛 have to take the nuts all the way off, just loosen them enough that you can slide the flower into the press. Place the flowers or leaves between the paper in your flower press. Make sure the flowers are not hanging off of the side of the press.

  • What size wood do you need to make a flower press?

  • Sheet of wood or MDF (I used an old sheet of MDF that was 5mm (0.2鈥? thick) Decide on the size of flower press you would like. Mine measures 25cm (10鈥? on each side. Mark your piece of wood with squares the size that you want your flower press.

  • How do you make a wooden watercolor paper flower press?

  • Use a piece of the cut cardboard/wood as a guide for cutting the watercolor paper (or white paper) to size. How to Use a Wooden Flower Press To assemble the press, insert a bolt into each corner of the bottom piece of the press. Layer alternate pieces of cardboard, paper, and flowers or leaves inside the press.

  • How do you make paper flowers with cardboard and paper?

  • Place a layer of cardboard onto the bottom square of wood. Add a layer of paper and some flowers or leaves. Add another layer of paper and then another layer of cardboard. Then continue layering up with flowers always between 2 sheets of paper until you are finished.