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Building Your Own Window Flower BoxesBuy plans for the window boxes that you would like to install and build them yourself. …Acquire the tools necessary. If you are renting your tools,you should wait and rent your tools after your materials are in place and ready. …Acquire the materials necessary. …Cut the material according to your plans.More items…

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  • How to install a window flower box?

  • In order to enhance the look of the window flower box, you need to attach 12 trims to the exterior. Align the edges flush and use glue and 1 1/4鈥?nails to secure them into place. Fit the 12 trims to the front of the planter box. Align everything flush and insert the nails. Attach the 12 and 11 trims to the top of the planter box.

  • How do you make a window planter box?

  • Building a custom window planter box is an easy DIY woodworking project that can be completed in just a few hours. I made ours from inexpensive pine board, a leftover piece of plywood, and a few bits from the scrap box. We then filled the finished window box with annual flowers.

  • What is the best material for a window flower box?

  • 1 inch thick wooden boards (Cedar or Cypress are the best options, size will depend on the length of your window box) Crocks or crushed terracotta pots (if planting directly in the window flower box)

  • How do you make a window box easier to build?

  • This project is made substantially easier with the use of pre-cut primed trim boards and corbels. Since treated millwork can also be moderately pricey, alternate plans using less expensive materials are given. This window box is based on a common window width of 59 inches. However, you can size the window box up or down according to your needs.