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  • Where can I buy a positive cash flow property?

  • Rural Town Centres Rural town centres can be an excellent place to locate positive cash flow properties and really it is probably the best place to start looking. As the towns are smaller than capital cities the prices of properties are generally much more afforable.

  • Where can I find cash flow rental properties?

  • The Roofstock Marketplace place is a free resource you can use to find cash flow rental properties. Looking for single-family houses and small multifamily property with the highest yield to compare returns among different cash flow markets. 2. Value property based on cash flow calculations

  • How is property cash flow calculated?

  • Property cash flow is calculated by adding all sources of potential income together, then subtracting all the expenses out. The bottom line number is your net cash flow that the property generates.

  • What is the difference between positive cash flow and geared property?

  • Positive Cash Flow describes a property that puts money in your pocket after all costs AND tax deductions, including depreciation, have been taken into account. However, Positively Geared Property refers to property that delivers a cash surplus outright, BEFORE taking into account non-cash deductions such as depreciation.