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Snap the vinca pod off of the stem using your thumb and index finger. Vinca pods are not thick and will not be difficult to remove. Using your paring or kitchen knife,slice lengthwise down the length of the pod. Open the pod flap to reveal the seeds inside.

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  • How do you harvest Vinca seeds from paper sack?

  • Pour the contents of the paper sack onto a tray or baking sheet. Rub the dry pods between your hands to remove the vinca seeds. Pick out pods and other plant debris. Don’t worry about small plant matter, as it won’t harm the seeds.

  • Can you grow a Vinca from a seed?

  • Vinca seeds are similar to sunflower seeds in shape and color, although they may reach up to 1 inch in length. Remove the seeds from the pod and place them in a plastic zip-top bag for future planting. Although vincas may be planted yearly, the optimal time to plant vinca seeds is in early spring.

  • What do you do with Vinca seeds after they bloom?

  • Wait for the blooms to wilt at the end of the season before gathering seeds. Allow a few vinca blooms to remain on the plant at the end of the blooming season. Leave the flowers alone until the petals drop and you can see the pods at the base of the blooms. Cut the seeds pods from the vinca plant, or pinch them off with your fingernail.

  • How do you know when to pick Vinca seeds?

  • When collecting vinca seeds, look for long, narrow, green seedpods hidden on the stems beneath blooming flowers. Snip or pinch the pods when the petals drop from the blooms and the pods are turning from yellow to brown. Watch the plant carefully. If you wait too long, the pods will split and you鈥檒l lose the seeds.