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To create the flow, follow these steps:Go to Setup – Quick Find Box – Search for 鈥淔lows鈥?- Click on Flows – Then Click New FlowIt will open below screen. You can create any of the four flows. Here I am creating Autolaunched Flow which will send an email to the selected users when a lead is created.

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  • What is lightning flow in Salesforce?

  • Lightning Flow in Salesforce is an application that guides users through screens that collect and displays information, creates and updates Salesforce records, and executes logic based on user input. The Cloud Flow Designer is a point-and-click tool for building Flows.

  • How to create a flow in Salesforce?

  • Also Read: How To Relate a Contact To Multiple Accounts In Salesforce To create the flow, follow these steps: Go to Setup – Quick Find Box – Search for 鈥淔lows鈥?- Click on Flows – Then Click New Flow It will open below screen.

  • How do I render a flow in Lightning runtime?

  • A lightning:flow component represents a flow interview in Lightning runtime. Specify which flow to render with the name attribute. If it鈥檚 appropriate for your flow, initialize the flow鈥檚 input variables with the inputVariables attribute. This example renders the Survey Customers flow (from the Create a Satisfaction Survey Trailhead project).

  • What happens when the flow finishes in a lightning component?

  • By default, when the flow finishes, the component reloads the first screen for a new interview. To customize what happens when the flow finishes, add an event handler for the onstatuschange action when status contains FINISHED. For an example, see Control a Flow鈥檚 Finish Behavior in a Lightning Component.