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How to Design a Flower Bed for a Small Yard First,start with a sheet (or sheets) of graph paper. Do a simple sketch of the area you have to work with. Try and sketch how you picture the area in your head.

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  • What are the best flower bed design ideas?

  • Another great flower bed design idea is the use of an old wheelbarrow. This shabby chic design will help complement country or cottage style homes. Consider complementary perennials and annuals of varying color and growing style. No wheelbarrow?

  • How do I create a cheap flower bed?

  • There are various ways you can create a cheap flower bed. Raised flower beds are quite popular, especially for people whose yards are unsuitable for gardening. Using a raised medium, you can fill it with gardening soil and plant anything you want.

  • What to do with this little flower bed?

  • This small space has all the elements of a perfect little garden to take a break in: a bench, a fountain, and some little solar lights. In a few days the phlox and the Oriental lilies will be blooming, and the fragrance will be heady. So this little flower bed is an extension of our home into the outdoors.

  • Is it hard to make a unique flower bed design?

  • Being unique doesn鈥檛 have to be difficult! This flower bed design is easy to create, even for beginners. Tree stumps are a major pain to dig out and remove from your yard. Thankfully, they make beautiful, all-natural flower bed hosts, and can become a centerpiece in your yard!