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  • How to draw a flower?

  • Draw curved lines along the edges and in the middle of the bud. Depict the outline of the second flower. Next, draw the second square with rounded corners. Sketch out the petals. Add lines along the outer edge and in the middle of the bud. Start drawing the third flower. In this step, draw the outline of the third rose. Detail the third flower.

  • How do you make a simple bouquet of flowers?

  • Create series of thin and long stems of the flowers bundled together. Make the oval shape petals of the flowers in a twirled form attached on every stem. Define the pollens of the flowers and vines all over the bouquet. Put emphasis on the ribbon designed to put together the flowers.

  • Can you draw a bouquet?

  • When you break it down into steps and focus on developing one part of the illustration at a time, drawing a bouquet is definitely doable. Get out your iPad and read on to design your own beautiful digital illustration of a bouquet. In this bouquet project, you will practice a few different drawing skills:

  • What should I look for in a bouquet design?

  • It’s important to think about the overall shape you want for the bouquet as you go, as well as balance. It’s also good to remember that flowers are rarely perfect. So add bends to your stems and ripples in your leaves for a more natural look.