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  • How to draw a lily flower?

  • Depict the long stem with a smooth line and add the leaf on the side. Color the flower. Use pink and green or color the lily with any other colors. Now you have learned how to draw a lily flower. I hope that you have easily coped with this task and you like the result. You can make the drawing brighter and more fulfilling.

  • How do you sketch a lily Petal line?

  • For the petal lines, lightly sketch two to three lines in each petal that highlight the direction of the petal. these lines should only occupy part of the petal interior, though, and should not extend from the base to the tip. Shade or color the lily as desired.

  • How do you make a simple lily plant?

  • Draw a circle. Sketch a circle in the center of your paper, making the diameter approximately one-third as large as you wish to make the finished lily. This circle will become a hidden bud or base for the lily petals. You’ll need to draw over it, so keep the pencil lines light enough to erase later.

  • How do I add shading to my lilies?

  • To add shading, try to visualize which areas of the lily would receive direct light if it were real. Any area that would not get hit with light should be shaded, with the darkest areas being those hidden by other parts of the flower.