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  • How to draw a trumpet?

  • Depict the valve train. Sketch out some vertical lines and connect them at the bottom. Draw the bend in the trumpet. Use some smooth lines to draw the rotation of the tube. Depict the sliding knee. Add rounded lines to form two thin tubes. Draw the valves. Sketch out three round valves to the top of the trumpet. Depict the mouthpiece.

  • How do you draw a flower step by step?

  • Create a rough sketch of the flower and leaves as illustrated in the picture. Add the final lines for the flower and leaves. Draw shadows and definition lines and color in your flower. Sketch a circle. Sketch another circle at the center. Sketch the petals surrounding the bigger circle. They should be almost of the same sizes and shape.

  • How to draw a tulip flower?

  • Color the tulip. Start the outline by sketching a small circle. Draw a bigger circle. Make it look like a disc so you could remember the basic outline of a daisy flower whenever you draw one. Start drawing the actual lines by the small circle at the middle. Begin drawing the petals with two line strokes, up and down directions.

  • How do you remove lines from a trumpet drawing?

  • Erase the auxiliary lines. Use an eraser to remove unnecessary lines from the drawing. Color in the drawing. To color the trumpet you have drawn, you should use yellow.